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1st March 2005

10:27am: Collage
I'm trying my friend collage too...
Thank you, you're all beautiful !



LJ friendsCollage.

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9th February 2005

10:21am: Is it Ok ?
Yesterday Kendra & Freddy (a couple of models) won $1 million after a trip around the world. This was the amazing race.
15 minutes later, watching the news, I learned that 14 schools might close in our area because of lack of budget.

Isn't something wrong ?
Current Mood: uncomfortable

4th November 2004

2:13pm: News from the Mozilla project...
And time to use a better system ;)

Get Thunderbird

Don't forget to change your browser too.

Get Firefox!

15th September 2004

9:43am: Laws of attraction

I tried to make some icons. For whatever reason, they seem a bit dark, I should try to correct this... Anyway, two icons of Julianne Moore:

Do I look happy ? static Do I look happy ? animated

Now, I still have to see the movie.

9th September 2004

10:15am: Hey... what happened to electragoddess ??
Come back !!!
Current Mood: stressed

30th August 2004

2:40pm: I'm trying not to think about the layout problem right now...
So here are some old boat picsCollapse ) from last year.
11:20am: JavaScript... is it working ?
I'm just trying to insert a very small javascript code, otherwise I can't make the layout I want.
Well... It won't be usable with Internet Explorer.
Is there a way to add javascript when you customize your journal ?

The <script> tag is transformed into a <xx-script>... grrrr...

And photobucket isn't working... :(
Current Mood: disappointed
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